Disney Animation: Why Has 2D Been Abandoned?

A question I find myself returning to is why we don’t see as much 2D animated films anymore. Since Disney’s The Princess and the Frog, the industry seems to have shifted away from traditional hand-drawn animation to CGI. I came across several articles discussing the topic, finding varying opinions as to why large studios have left 2D behind.

Steve Huelett, a Disney animation veteran, gave his opinions as to why most studios have abandoned hand-drawn animation. He argues that editing and touch ups of produced sequences are difficult in hand-drawn animation, as you’d have to redo everything, while with CG, you can return to a produced animation and change things closer to the release date.

Another argument is that hand-drawn animation simply isn’t viable anymore, in the context of the box office. The Princess and the Frog (2009) is a common example brought up when debating this, as it made $267 million while Bolt (2009) and Tangled (2010) made $310 million and $590 million respectively.








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